Morning everyone. This month, I’m switching it up on my usual monthly “plans and goals” post. Why? Because, as you’ll know, due to scheduling problems my June post didn’t get published. So, today, I’m catching up from May with what I’ve been doing and how I’ve been with my health. I’ll also be talking about my plans for the next few weeks, which I’m really looking forward to.

A spin on my usual monthly "plans and goals", this month I will be sharing what I've been up to, what's to come and how I've been doing with my health.

What I’ve Been Doing

If you read my May Plans and Goals, then you’ll know that my friends were coming to visit me for the weekend for my birthday. Well, it turns out they were surprising me by taking me to Manchester for the night…. do I have the best friends or what? Besides my anxiety and paranoia taking a downward turn, it was a really good night!

I’d also planned to go to Ireland at the end of the month to see one of my friend’s from summer camp last year, but, unfortunately, my health had a little hiccup and I couldn’t make it through after all. Bummer.

Besides my usual working hours, the beginning of June seemed pretty quiet – at least from what I can remember. At the time, it seemed like I was left looking for time but I’ve been left wondering why? Brain fog is a wonderful thing, right? For some reason, I seem to be missing the beginning of June from my diary too – how strange!

However, on the 14th, the girls and I left for our week-long trip to Ibiza. It was AMAZING (oh, apart from slicing my finger open the day before I left – I know, only me!). Lots of sun, swimming (once my finger had healed somewhat), drinking and meeting a tonne of new people. We’d booked onto one of the 18-30s packages, so we were never left short of things to do and seeing David Guetta, well a girl definitely can’t complain. If you want to hear about my trip to Ibiza, there’s a blog post coming out on my other blog (Chronically Inspired Life) next week.

From Ibiza, I flew straight to Gran Canaria to meet my parents, Auntie and Uncle to spend the last 10 days of their holiday with them. This was perfect, as it meant winding down from Ibiza while still getting to sun it up and spend time with some of my favourite people.

Unfortunately, holidays don’t last forever and I was thrown into the deep end at work upon my return (as you can see below). The admin assistant was away on holiday when we got back, and then the Manager (aka mam) was off sick for the majority of the first week but, thankfully, she is a lot better now!

A spin on my usual monthly "plans and goals", this month I will be sharing what I've been up to, what's to come and how I've been doing with my health.

As you can see, for the rest of the month I am road tripping around the UK to see various friends, family and beautiful places. When I inputted the places I’m visiting into Google maps, it looks like I’ve got around 1500 miles ahead of me in the next week. I have managed to make it work in a loop-like route though, which is good. I can’t wait to see everyone!

How My Health Has Been

Surprisingly, despite how busy I’ve been, my health has been generally okay in the last 6 weeks. I had a few rough days in Ibiza, mainly when I’d been dancing too much the night before – which was certainly the case the morning after David Guetta. Although we’d managed to get right to the front so I wasn’t getting pushed around too much, it also meant that those pushing behind me were pushing me into a metal barrier – ouch! Gran Canaria certainly helped though, as we didn’t do an awful lot… Everyone was in chill mode.

Even after my two full weeks at work, I’ve been great compared to how it would usually affect me. I’m thinking that a lot of it was to do with that chill factor I talked about in Gran Canaria.

Besides my rougher days, I’ve been trying to keep off my many pills and potions again, to give my body a bit of a break. I’m still taking my vitamins and natural supplements, but otherwise I’m on detox mode – my body needs it after those last few months at uni and the pills and potions required to get my body through it.

In addition to this, I’ve been eating slightly healthier too. Not for any particular reason, but when I’m on holiday, I don’t eat much because of the heat, so upon my return I’ve just found that I’m snacking less, eating better meals and drinking more water. This also seems to be doing me some good.

It won’t last forever, but fingers crossed it’ll give my body time to detox before it returns.

May Goals Review

Here’s a quick summary of how I got on with my May goals.

  • Getting back into my blogging: I did well with this, then they didn’t publish while I was away. Sad times.
  • Getting back into my cross-stitch: I didn’t get to do much of this in May and June, but I have started this month.
  • Continue with my photography: check.
  • Catch-up with the many friends that I haven’t seen, or even talked to, in a while: I’ve still got a few to go, but after next week, mostly checked!


That’s all for today. How are you getting on with the goals you set yourself? Don’t forget to look out for my next Plans & Goals post, at the beginning of August.

Until next week.

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A spin on my usual monthly "plans and goals", this month I will be sharing what I've been up to, what's to come and how I've been doing with my health.