JHS, or Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, is a type of hereditary disorder of the connective tissues (HDCT). Hypermobility, in itself, is caused by faulty collagen and means that an individual has hyperextension of the joints. In other words, that person is very bendy/flexible. A lot of people are hypermobile and, this by itself, does not mean that you are suffering from JHS. Someone with JHS will experience other symptoms alongside this.

People of any age can be affected, but most people do not begin to feel the symptoms until after they’ve reached puberty age – mostly to do with the hormones changing in the body.


This summarises some of the symptoms experienced by those with JHS, EDS (Ehlers-Danhos Syndrome) or another type of HMS (Hypermobility Syndrome), however this photo does not include every single symptom that a person can possess; for a start there wouldn’t be enough room, plus every individual has different symptoms. While one individual may suffer from all of these things, another may only endure one or two. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

This “individuality” is one of the things that makes diagnosing these kind of conditions/illnesses so hard, because no one case is the same! Unfortunately, the medical profession are still lacking the experience and knowledge in the field of invisible illnesses, in any form, and this is one of the reasons I created this blog; in order to raise awareness of invisible illnesses.

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