So today is the last day of February (can you believe it?!), which means that today is Rare Disease Day. There are events happening all across the world, in the hope of raising awareness for those who suffer from a rare disease, whatever that may be.

What does this mean? Well it means it’s our day to stand up and make our invisible illness/es, visible! Hypermobility is only the tip of the iceberg, but no one sees what’s lurking beneath the surface ready to jump out at any moment!

So what am I doing for Rare Disease Day? Well, unfortunately, I embraced today a little bit too well…. I’m currently sat in bed writing this post when I should just be getting back from uni right now. This morning I woke up to my 7am alarm, after not sleeping very well I might add (oh the joys!) and could barely keep my eyes open so I did what anyone would do, right? I snoozed my alarm to go off an hour later, forgetting the need for a shower thinking I could have one tonight instead. 8am came and I felt even worse… I felt exhausted, drained and who knows what else! So, instead of getting up for uni like I proposed, I ended up having to stay in bed and rest (not to mention, sleep!).

I hope your plans for Rare Disease Day are going a lot better than mine are! I’ll be back a little bit later, where I’ll start to explain a little bit about what JHS actually is (and don’t be expecting any formal medical terms. I’ve had enough of them, thank you!)