I saw this picture last night and it struck a chord with me because I’ve recently been saying how lucky I am to be surrounded by such wonderful, supportive friends and family.

Without them, I wouldn’t know where I’d be, because they’re here for me through thick and thin.. You’ll know what I mean – you’re bound to have friends like this yourself and if not, then you definitely need to make sure you find some later in life!

I recently went through a rough patch which involved having to take time off both uni and work, and without these lot I honestly can say I’d probably still be in that deep, dark place. They brought me out laughing and smiling, and back to my usual bubbly self! (most of the time anyway… Hey, I have a reason😉). However, I cannot thank them enough, and I just hope they feel the same about me!

My advice to you?Surround yourself with people like this. People who are going to understand and support you, through whatever you might encounter. This condition; it takes a lot to understand it.. So even if they don’t understand it, as long as they take the time to TRY that’s all that matters.

Surrounding yourself with people who won’t try and understand, will pull you down further (I’ve been through the experience) and it can make your condition worse because their negative attitude towards it and you (due to misunderstanding) stresses you out, and as we know stress makes you feel worse and only adds to the anxiety that we already feel.

If you would like to borrow my friends, then I’ll be happy to lend you them.. Just not for too long, I still need them! Laters guys and gals🙊.