Sooooo, I’M BACK. This time, I’m back for good. Thank you for being patient with me!

Where have I been?
I was visiting a lot of family over the Christmas period and, because I don’t get to see them very often, I wanted to focus on my time with them. Shoutout to my family for living all over the country AND all over the world!! Uni; not only did I have assignments due in before the Christmas holidays, and exams in January, but I also ended up moving back home. As you can imagine, 3 years of living at university means I have a lot of stuff, and I mean A LOT. Oops. Although I’m still paying the rent for my uni house so I’ve left a lot of stuff there, I had to decide what I needed at home then find space in my room for it all! A lot of it ended up in the loft, much to my parents dismay.

My life has been hectic in the past couple of months, huh? Don’t worry, it’s calmed down a bit now. Commuting to uni means that I could rearrange my timetable so I’m now only in two days a week: Mondays and Tuesdays. This commute involves 8 hours a week on the train so, with my new mini laptop and mobile internet in tow, I’m able to get a lot of work done on the train. Only being in uni two days a week means I now have a temporary job; on Thursdays and Fridays I work as a finance assistant at a community centre. Money, experience for my CV for grad jobs AND part-time. WIN. With uni and work combined, it means I’ve been able to get myself settled into a routine, which has had a positive impact on my health too!

You’re probably wondering where my blog fits in, right? Well don’t worry, I’m coming to that.

What's New @ Living with JHS.

Now I’m only in uni on Monday’s and Tuesday’s, and work on Thursday’s and Friday’s, it means that, in theory, I have Wednesday and the weekends free! What does that mean for my blog? It means that I’ve got a lot more time to dedicate towards it! YIPPEE. I’ve really missed it and am looking forward to getting back into it properly. I’ve got so many post ideas on the go already so just watch this space!

What changes have I made?

  • If you haven’t already noticed, I have changed the layout theme of the page (yes, again) so that the homepage displays my posts as a grid theme! I love the new look, and hopefully you’ll find it a lot easier to navigate too.
  • I have a new site address! Don’t worry if you use the old address, it will automatically redirect.
  • I have renewed all my old posts by adding a header image (looks so much better with the grid view) and added categories and tags to each post. For those that don’t know, categories and tags allow you guys to find a collection of my posts a lot easier! Just click on the category/tag you’re interested in, and hey presto!
  • I have new accounts on all my social networks: Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, including a new Facebook Page where I’ll be posting my new blog posts and supporting others. Feel free to like and share, it’s a support group for any type of illness/condition/disability!
  • I’m now on Bloglovin’! I’ve been on for a while, but only really started interacting with it in the last month or so! Follow my blog with Bloglovin
  • My regular followers may have noticed that the “Gallery” page has disappeared. Now I’m using Pinterest a lot more, most of the images are displayed there in my boards, along with the associated blogs. My love for this app has definitely increased in the past couple of months!
  • I’m trying to interact with other bloggers on a more regular basis, so if you’re interested, feel free to message me! All details can be found in the Contact page. I’d love to check out your blogs, have a chat, give advice or anything else you might want!
  • And finally, I will be posting more frequently now (I promise this time)! My posts are scheduled for every Monday morning, unless I inform you otherwise beforehand!