Welcome to the beautiful February edition of my Birchbox review. If you missed January’s review, then you can find that here. What I love about Birchbox is the ability to select your beauty profile, by filling in a quick questionnaire, which then determines what products you’ll receive each month. So, let’s reveal February’s products.

Birchbox Review: February 2017 livingwithjhs.com

February’s Birchbox theme was “Express Yourself” and they collaborated with Papier, the stationary brand, for the design of the box. This meant that we were given the choice of two designs and, of course, I went for the most vibrant. The colours reminded me of a sunset, and who doesn’t love a sunset, am I right?

In the box, I received only 1 full size product, with the remaining 4 all being sample sizes. This was a little disappointing as the fill sized product was, in fact, the one that had been displayed in the sneak peek and one which everyone would receive. Despite this, I am happy, overall, with the products I did receive.

Spectrum Collections: Eye Contour Brush

Birchbox Review: February 2017 livingwithjhs.com
RRP: £4.99 birchbox.co.uk
This is an absolute love from me. The white, gold and grey colours leave the brush looking clean and neat, but the best bit is the softness of the bristles. This brush is fluffy, leaving it perfect as an all-rounder brush on the eye.
If you know me, all my makeup brushes are real techniques… but this brush has truly taken my heart, and has become my go-to makeup brush for the eyes. Overall, a product that I would definitely buy, and look to purchasing more of their brushes.


POP Beauty: Eyeshadow Trio

Birchbox Review: February 2017 livingwithjhs.com
RRP: £15.50 birchbox.co.uk
The POP Beauty Champagne Mocha Palette arrived in sample size, but another product that I loved.
With a light, medium and dark shade the sample provided enough colours to be able to make a lovely smokey eye look, of course using the lovely Spectrum brush.
Although a product I loved, it wouldn’t be my first choice as there are better, and cheaper, eyeshadow palettes out there in a variety of colours.


Beaver Professional: Daily Conditioning Spray

Birchbox Review: February 2017 livingwithjhs.com
RRP: £11.50 birchbox.co.uk
Again, only a sample size, but another product that I am a big fan of and one which I’ve used plenty since receiving it. Personally, I’ve surprised there’s any left.
As someone who has thin hair, I rarely condition unless I’m on holiday having been in the pool everyday. However, I find this to be great alternative leaving my hair feeling soft and nourished without leaving it too thin, like conditioner does. It also combines as a detangler spray, which makes brushing my hair after a shower, even easier.
Overall, a product I would consider buying once finished.

Vasanti: Face Rejuvenator

Birchbox Review: February 2017 livingwithjhs.com
RRP: £31.50 birchbox.co.uk
Overall, I am disappointed with this product. At roughly 30ml, this was already a sample size, but I found it to be only half full, meaning I only got one use out of it – not enough to determine whether it works or not. It does, however, have a subtle gentle smell to it which I liked, and it does leave the face leaving somewhat refreshed.
At £31.50, I would not consider buying the full size version of this product, especially as I was left unable to fully determine whether it worked for my skin type.


Keeome: Hydration Mask

Birchbox Review: February 2017 livingwithjhs.com
RRP: £29 birchbox.co.uk
Another product that left me disappointed. I found it messy and difficult to apply. The instructions recommend to leave it on for 25 minutes, but I found myself having to take it off after 10. The first reason was because I got fed up of the liquid dripping everywhere and the second was due to my face beginning to feel irritated – more than I would expect from a face mask.
After removing and rinsing my face, it took 2 hours before my face lost its patches of red and swollenness.
If you use this product, I recommend standing over the sink to apply and keeping a towel below the face.

So that’s it for my February box, but here’s an added extra. I borrowed this from a friend, who also subscribes to Birchbox and thought it would be good to review.

Nuxe: Multipurpose Dry Oil

Birchbox Review: February 2017 livingwithjhs.com
RRP: £17 birchbox.co.uk
Now, this one I can’t make my mind up on. So far, I have only used it on my hair and the first time I used it, it made my hair really greasy and horrible.
However, since then, it has made my hair really soft. Think hairdressers, when you’ve finished having your hair cut and then add a little bit of oil to shine it, that is basically what this does.
As I use it more and more, I will keep this updated.



And that concludes my review for the February Birchbox. If you’ve tried these products, then I’d love to know what you think of them!

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Disclaimer: I am, in no way, affiliated with Birchbox, or Birchbox UK. All opinions are my own, and all prices are correct at time of publishing.