So now you know what JHS is and what it entails… here’s a summary of what I’ve been spending today doing.

Of those days with hot water bottle.

Can’t tell? Well it’s just been one of those days… Which days? Those “JHS bad days” I talked about in my last post, of course. What does one entail? Well today it’s involved trying to find a comfortable position to sit/stand/lay, because everywhere just hurts – I didn’t succeed, so instead I persevered and made sure I took as much pain meds as possible. The highlight of my day really was when it was time for the next round of pills (and of course posting to you lovely lot). It’s involved my hot water bottle, which I don’t go without on a day like this and also jarmies, a dressing gown and my blanket!

The only time I wasn’t doing this, was when I had to haul myself off to my doctors appointment (that I’ve waited a week for! Nothing’s wrong don’t worry, just getting my prescription sorted) and then to one of my uni classes because I had a presentation to do and didn’t want to let my partner down. Don’t fear, the pain meds came with me, and as of tomorrow I’ll be all stocked up again – perfect! Well no, not perfect, but at least I won’t be running out anytime soon. Safe to say though, I was glad to get home and I was only out the house for a short period of time… exhausted and drained didn’t cover it.

It also meant that takeaway was on the cards for tea tonight! Even after I promised myself I was going to spend less money on food (I’m a student, I can’t afford these luxuries!), I just couldn’t help it… I did not have the energy to cook tea and so I convinced myself it was acceptable.

Now I’m all snuggled up in bed, still with my hot water bottle (freshly made), finishing this post and going to bed… hoping that I’m better tomorrow. Goodnight everyone.